Lighttells for coffee MD-500 и CM200 + Combo

Lighttells for coffee MD-500 и CM200 + Combo


Includes Lighttells MD-500 and CM 200 

Lighttells MD-500 is a tank based moisture and density analyzer. It supports the processing of cherries, parchment, green beans, and roasted beans.

Its compact form factor design allows it to be carried anywhere you need to measure moisture and density.

The density analyzer reflects the hardness of the coffee beans. For the roaster, this means that he / she needs to know the shrinkage% of the bean before roasting. This will help you determine the storage environment of the beans by checking the moisture levels of the roasted and green beans. The moisture level affects the quality of cupping.

The MD500 is uniquely calibrated for weight to provide an accurate density reading. You can download all history data to your computer to save the results.

Lightstells CM-200

The CM-200 portable Coffee Roast Degree / Uniformity / Ground-Size Analyzer is a portable infrared coffee roast analyzer that analyzes the roast uniformity and particle size of the sample being analyzed. A useful handheld tool with a user-friendly interface, accurate performance and reliable quality.

Measurements are based on the SCA Roast Color Index. Displays various terms with names corresponding to the result (Light, City, Italian, etc.). The CM-200 can analyze the grind size distribution, making it much easier to calibrate your grinder.

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Free tasting kit

The free tasting set includes 125 g of coffee under the promo code Love_Arabica

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